Snake Bones

€175 EUR
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This snake-braid chain is adorned with a clasp shaped out of bones. Tough enough to hold its own; even tougher layered with another chain or pendant.

Handcrafted Sterling Silver. 50cm (20") and 60cm (24") sterling silver chain with custom silver bone clasp. Model is wearing 60cm version.

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Customer Reviews

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cool chain

i got the shorter version of this chain and it looks so clean with almost everything i wear. great everyday piece

only complaint is that there seem to be some kinks in the chain that make it look slightly uneven, not sure if this was intended or a quality control issue

Peter Taylor
Awesome chain; Best Customer Service

Worn this almost everyday for over half a year. Such a clean style, and it completes the look on so many of my fits.

Besides the chain itself, C&C’s customer service is amazing. I’ve purchased and kept several pieces from them, but I also returned a few that didn’t quite match my style when I got them. C&C was prompt in refunding the money once I returned the item. Being able to try out these pieces is a must for me if I’m going to spend this much money. Happily, I almost always keep them because they look so good.

Jacob Weiss
Absolutely awesome!

Definitely a great piece. Can be worn on its own or paired with another. Would definitely highly recommend if.

Xavier P
I love this chain, had to buy 2!!

I already owned the longer version of this snake bone chain from C&C, but I wanted another one that was smaller. This is the perfect chain, the craftsmanship is excellent, quality and details are excellent, you can not go wrong with this purchase! It also goes well with some of there pendants, or other pendants you own like I have. Hands down my favorite chain, easily 5 stars!!

Russell plowman
Great value chain

I bought this chain primarily to put a Maori skull onto. The finish and standard on this chain is fantastic. So much so I'm going to order more items from Clocks and Colours.