Hold Fast

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Based on one of the most well-worn traditional sailor tattoos, “hold fast” means grab a line and hold on for dear life, lest stormy weather send you overboard. Today, these words still serve as a reminder to buckle up and fight your way through life’s rough patches.

Set of two rings.

Handcrafted Sterling Silver.

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Customer Reviews

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Lucius Pegan
Perfect Ring

It's comfortable and incredibly detailed

Ryan Hackett
Fantastic rings fantastic service

Best jewellery I've bought...and an awesome team to deal with. Really helpful

Quality rings 👌👌

Ayden Peters

This is absolutly a must buy. You don't need to get these rings but I have 4 rings by Clocks and Colours and I am 100% of the time impressed at build quality, beauty, comfort and how fast they ship! I would strongly encourage anyone I know to purchase a Clocks and Colors ring. No matter what you get I guarantee you will not be disappointed. By far the best online purchase I have ever made no matter what! I LOVE YOU CLOCKS AND COLOURS!

Abby R
Great Gift! Husband Loves Them

The quality of the rings are wonderful. They are exactly what my husband was looking for and, for him, the reminder to Hold Fast to our goals and intentions for this year is a great reminder to wear all day!

Marvelous rings

These rings are amazing, it's high quality. Like I said in my other reviews if you really want the ring and you're low on budget just be patient as the company does sales basically every month. I've seen this item on sale at least 4 times in the past 6months probably more.

If you buy the ring try to think what finger you want to put it on keeping in mind the other rings you have and your finger size. I think it's good on your middle or ring finger, that way you have 4 fingers to put it on. Index is nice too but assuming you have other rings I reckon the other rings would be better. But if you just wear one ring at a time then go for index. If you have a ton of rings already in your collection and hardly any for your pinkie I reckon this can fit there nicely. Otherwise I recommend getting it for you ring or middle finger.
Sizing wise always measure at room temperature, as you wear the ring plus with the heat it gets tighter. If you live in a cold area 24/7 perhaps a tighter fit but otherwise room temperature.