Dragon Gate

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According to ancient lore, the Dragon Gate is located at the top of a waterfall that cascades down from the peak of a fabled mountain. Centuries ago, a school of koi fish decided to swim against the river’s strong current, eventually gaining the strength needed to leap to the top of the waterfall. As a reward for their perseverance, the koi that completed the journey to Dragon Gate were transformed into powerful golden dragons. The scales you see in age-old depictions of dragons are believed to be the scales that once belonged to the humble koi fish.

Handcrafted Sterling Silver

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Customer Reviews

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Gary Kelp
Exactly What I was Looking For

The Dragon's Gate is perfect! Nice heft, right size, a real eye catcher. Can't wait to purchase from Clocks & Colours, again.

Anthony Ryckmans

Très belle gourmette épaisse, solide et le système du fermoir est très bien pensé.

Keith A Richards
Very satisfied with this bracelet!

Well crafted, thick and handsome piece. I love it. Just what I was hoping it would be. I bought the ring first and so happy I got the bracelet to go with it! Stunning combination!

Tee T
Ma Dragon

Love the piece

Dragon great!!

Kick ass jewelry if you follow directions on the fitting side. Keep at it guys this stuff is awesome!!!!!