Bottoms Up Shot Glass

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This black shot glass is wrapped in a finely detailed nautical scene that depicts a stormy sea raging against an anchor and lighthouse. There's a tempest brewing in every drink. 

1oz. Made of Stainless Steel and Glass. Hand Wash Only.

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Customer Reviews

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Paul Groeneveld
My favorite shot glass

I always wanted to own this shot glass, but there are so many other nice things in the shop I had to buy first. I added the shot glass during my last order and wow, I am so glad I did. Heavy quality and an eye catcher for sure. It's so cool that I want to bring it with me to the local bar.

I drink everything out of it

Got this shotty on a whim and Goddamn the moment I unboxed it the sounds of sea shantys filled the air, rum was spilled and brawls had begun, when I came to I was 20 nautical miles from home and in bed with a manatee. 10000% recommend it.

Efrem M.
Cool Glass

Really nice glass, nice details, and fast delivery !

For a man of the sea

Bought it for my Dungeon Master who ran a campaign for us over the last 4 years. As a man of the sea he absolutely loved it! He uses it all the time

Randy Jay Burrell

An amazing shot glass full of detail and beauty. The statement prop you need at every party! When it’s time to do shots and you bust this bad boy out, everyone will trip and you’ll be the coolest bloke at the Party!