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This custom chainlink is inspired by the rich visual history of the Aztecs. A society known for its ingenuity in architecture and engineering, they are perhaps most associated with ritual sacrifices. Gruesome testimonies allude to Aztec priests slicing open the chests of sacrificial victims and offering their still-beating hearts to the gods, before tossing their lifeless body down the temple stairs. And while many of these sacrifices were enacted upon criminals and enemy soldiers, there is evidence that even Aztec citizens went willingly to the sacrificial altar. To give your heart to the gods was seen as a great honour, and more importantly, a guaranteed ticket to one hell of an afterlife.

Handcrafted Sterling Silver. 60cm (24") in length.

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Customer Reviews

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Very good quality

This was our first time ordering from here and we love the quality and the look! Very pleased!

2 in 1

Amazing necklac ! fits as well as an armband, really beaituful! I like the quality nad touch!

Gustavo Victoriano
A must get chain

I love it so much that I’m thinking about getting a second one
Excellent craftsmanship Great quality beautiful chain

Neaten up quality

Really good quality and finishing of the chain.
I have been wearing it day and night since the first day I got it and I simply love it.

Stavros B.
A must!

I was between this and the Scorpion one, chose this because I like the Aztec pattern. Believe it or not, I combine it with football shirts and it looks badass! Very good quality, could have been slightly thicker though. Next step is to try it with layering, need to experiment and see which other chain might match. Recommended!