Growing up in a small-town as a skate punk meant Travis Barker was a hero not just to me, but seemingly to my entire generation as well. His zero-fucks-given attitude had an indelible influence on me, and it’s hard to imagine that Clocks + Colours would even exist if it weren’t for him. I am beyond proud to announce our official collaboration with Travis Barker—a collection that pays homage to the golden days of punk rock, while celebrating the contemporary design that evolved from that era. Packed with the same sort of energy Travis wields behind a drum set, and plenty of Clocks + Colours DNA, these pieces are big, loud and in your face—just the way we like it. We hope you fuck with this collaboration just as hard as we do!

— Shane Vitaly Foran, Designer/Founder

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Photography: Julia Kulik / Peter McKinnon

Creative Direction: Shane Vitaly Foran / Travis Barker

Art Direction: Jay Nugent / Cass Baldry

Video: Peter McKinnon

Editing + Grading: Colin Outridge

Design Lead: Shane Vitaly Foran / Travis Barker