They’d paid their dues — years spent locked away, thinking about the perfect crime that went sideways. Their day of resurrection was finally upon them, and the cash would be waiting, right where they’d buried it. The plan was simple: get out, meet at the spot and grab the loot. A new life was waiting for them on the other side of the border. But she didn’t wait all these years to share.

Compound Studio presents — Clean Slate, in conjunction with the "Resurrection" collection.

PhotographyZack Vitiello | Bryan Lockyer
Creative DirectionJay Nugent | Cass Baldry
Exec. Creative DirecrtionJackie De Laplante | Shane Vitaly Foran
VideoColin Outridge | Michael Leary
Editing + Grading: Colin Outridge
Production Assistant: Chris Wales
Hair + Make Up: Allison Pynn
Featuring: Seth Thompson | Shane Vitaly Foran | Mara Ohara | Falon Durfield (The Agency AZ)

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