Troubled Waters

€200 EUR
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Marked by rolling waves and natural black diamonds, this band ring is both subtle and powerful, like a riptide churning just under the surface.

Handcrafted Sterling Silver with five Lab Grown Black Diamonds

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Rafael Silveira
Amazing piece!

It was the first item I bought from C+C, and to give a hint about how much I liked it, after this one I got 3 other items (2 of the same collection). Really well crafted and beautifully designed. The only FYI is that, the carving doesn’t go all the way around the ring, which didn't affected my 'like' for the ring, but might be frustrating for someone who buys it without being aware of that.

James Garcia
Trouble waters

Beautiful design and fit. However it doesn’t go all the way around the ring

Tom S
Simply Amazing

Probably one of C&C’s best so far. Their first ring imbued with diamonds…so definitely a must have! Me and my partner now wears the same one as “our ring” (disregarding it’s name lol), replacing the Zen.

Joseph Thompson
It's about balance

I have this and as the wind blow stacked them for my wedding ring fully represents my trust passion and commitment to my wife

Johnathan Marroquin
Sexy pt 2

Intricate carving accentuated by the diamonds with an amazing story behind it