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Dating back to the Early Middle Ages, knighthood was a title given to skilled warriors who fought on horseback. By the Late Middle Ages, however, knights had ascended to the status of nobility, and were known for following a strict code of conduct called chivalry, emphasizing honor and bravery above all else. This pendant is for those who know that chivalry is still alive and well.

Handcrafted Sterling Silver pendant and bone clasp on a 60cm (24") stainless steel circle chain.

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Customer Reviews

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Forest G

Every piece I’ve received from C+C has been beautiful quality, the craftsmanship and aesthetic is perfect. Buy it

Chris Taylor
Beautiful detailed piece!

This is a lovely pendant! It is very regal and looks like it was designed for an ancient kingdom long ago. It compliments your Coronation ring which I also purchased very nicely. The pendant is smaller than I expected it to be but still a fantastic piece.

Matthew Espino

The necklace is beautiful and amazing. Great quality!!!

Benjamin M.
Awesome as always!

The attention to detail and quality of work is amazing. Always get my things fast. There was a size issue with the silver chain I bought with the pendant, you guys exchanged no problem. I am once again satisfied with the product and the professionalism of the company. Thank you

Omi Sido
Lovely well made item

Really nice looking chain and pendant. Solid, but not too heavy. Feels very well made with a secure clasp. The chain is a nice weight and has brought many compliments from friends and family.

It's nice to wear and looks extremely good. Very pleased with it.