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Popularized by Japan’s famed Noh theatre, the Hannya mask portrays a woman whose intense jealousy, heartbreak and obsession have turned her into a demon. From straight on, the Hannya mask is designed to appear monstrous and angry. But when the wearer dips their head down, the shadows that fall across the mask make it appear as if the Hannya character is crying. Despite its association with these complex emotions, today Hannya masks are considered good luck, and are often used to ward off evil spirits.

Handcrafted Sterling Silver

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Customer Reviews

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Kenny Yeo
Most underrated

Highly detailed badass ring. Amazing craftsmanship on the teeth, nostrils. Love the pattern on the sides, the horns and it’s presence. Worn best on index

Sandeep Singh

I saw this ring and I knew I instantly had to have it to match my Japanese tattoos. The detail and the finish is incredible and well worth the price! I initially bought the wrong size (12) and Sofia was so helpful in getting it promptly exchanged for a size 10 in no time at all. The customer service is great and the pieces are soo sooo good! I love my rings and the samurai necklace I've bought and I wear them pretty much everywhere I go. Can't wait to see the new stuff and buy more!

Theo Tran
Great product

This ring is what you expected for

David Hearn
My ring is awesome

I love this dam ring way better then expected 5 stars

Pure Quality

Love it so much, i'm getting a second one.