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What's a Knight without his horse? Of all the Medieval war horses, the destrier was the most infamous. These massive, brutally strong horses were known for carrying knights into battle, conquering tournaments and galloping at full-speed during jousts. This dagger pendant is topped with one of these gallant steeds—a reminder to hold your head high and keep charging forward.

Handcrafted Sterling Silver pendant and clasp on a 60cm (24") stainless steel rounded box chain.

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Silver Poder
Awesome pendant

Love the necklace! Beautiful craftsmanship and quality

I am now a lord

Saw this and decided that I needed to add a new pendant since I've had one of the discontinued one for a while now and when it came and I finally put it on, a chours of angels started to sing and the Larp sword I had sitting in the corner of my room shone with the brightest of lights, have I just been blessed with becoming a gallant knight? I adorned my velvet cape and rode my scrambler into the vast open fields of glory only to get a warning not to ride my motorbike with a foam sword.... 100000/10 worth it

Great Necklace

This necklace looks amazing in person. It is a great piece to have. The quality of it is great too.

Alexis J
Everyday Piece!

Haven't stopped wearing this since I recieved it. Amazing Craftsmanship and quality!

Loved it!

Got this as a gift for my boyfriend for his birthday. I was nervous because I hadn’t seen it in person so didn’t know how big the pendant would look on him. But he was SO excited when he received it! The pendant is big (which he loves), looks great, and actually is quite sharp lol so be careful