Vic Rattlehead

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Our official collaboration with heavy-metal legends, Megadeth, features their skeletal mascot, Vic Rattlehead. With a visor bolted over his eyes, his mouth clamped shut, and his ears covered with metal caps, Vic Rattlehead has been an ever-present symbol of repression and censorship in Megadeth's iconic album artwork for nearly four decades.

Handcrafted Sterling Silver

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AC Speed
Incredible Item

This was well worth the money. Not only have the jewellers created a beautiful piece, they've also managed to capture the haunting essence of Vic Rattlehead and the power of Megadeth! A gorgeous ring to add to my collection.

Vic Rattlehead ring

There are no words to describe the details & the accuracy of this beauty. Just marvelous. I' am looking forward for collaborations with rock/metal bands. I'll buy again, that's for sure

Mariusz M.
Metal never dies!

I unbox the ring from its packaging and this absolute BEAST of silver chunk falls into my hand. Are you kidding me? This is the toughest shit I've ever seen. Surpassed my expectations, way better than it looks in photos. This ring is MAN sized and solid throughout -- it is NOT hollow inside! The entire cranium of the skull is solid silver, smooth inner band like a class ring, and even the width of the ring is generously hefty. C + C didn't skimp on the silver while making it -- justifies the cost and worth every penny. The level of handcrafted details is mindblowing. Hold the ring up to the light, and you will see precise holes inside each individual chain link and each bracket around the skull mouth. Not crudely cast -- actually handmade. In the era of cheap bootleg copies -- this is the original, as real as it gets. And it shows. A formidable presence on the hand, elite and yes expensive.
Too heavy for everyday wear, but this is 100% a statement piece. And status. This bulky chonk of silver is just the thing to ride on my index finger at local bars/shows and make the zoomer metal wannabees piss themselves in envy. This ring is for the old timers who remember '80s thrash and value PASSION over fashion. However you feel about Megadeth, Vic Rattlehead is repping the entire generation of metal mania. Don't sleep on this heirloom relic while it's still available!

Heavy & Solid

Heavy ring and solid ring. May not be an everyday ring but surely is a statement piece. Nostalgic memories and a reminder of the daily fight for expression.


Heavy ring for a heavy band. First purchase from C+C and satisfied.