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Bubbling deep below the surface of the earth, rivers of magma sit at the ready, waiting for a volcanic eruption. These powerful explosions have the capacity to wipe out almost everything in their path, covering neighbouring lands with molten lava. The rough texture of the Cinder ring is inspired by the fragments of solidified lava found near these deadly sites, while a single diamond serves as a symbol of new beginnings—even the harshest situations can be overcome by those who carry a fire inside them.

Handcrafted Sterling Silver with one 3mm 0.1 carat Lab Grown Diamond.

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Customer Reviews

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Roberto Zaragoza
Great, hefty piece

This is my favorite C&C piece, it's sturdy, hefty and overall feels great in my finger. The weathered look adds a lot of character. My only complaint is that, at least on my piece, the part where the ring was soldered has a small imperfection, but it's barely visible

Barend Baarssen

A sturdy ring, powerfull and present.
Good appearance and rugged looks fits every outfit.
A must have

Brian Laughlin
My favorite ring

The rugged but elegant look of this ring is accentuated with the detailed inlay on the underside. Can’t get enough of this ring and it’s antiqued look.

Brian Fleming

Everything thing you guys make are great, always waiting for the next new item

Anthony A.
A fire inside

As the Frontline of the Foundation Collection, The Cinder really sets the tone for what's to come.
Amazing detail on the inner engravings, hidden from anyone's glance while being worn, yet known to the wearer. Almost a reflection of the complexities we all have internally that may not always show through our outer appearance. No matter how pristine or marred.
The rough, dark textured surface of the outer ring, almost like scars on an earthly battlefield, tells a story of struggle and strength. The addition of a diamond accent, a diamond in the rough if you will, shows that through this rough journey, with patience and time, ones endurance reaps not only visible rewards but a new start of an unbreakable foundation.
A new favorite of mine that has found a permanent place in my everyday carry/wear.