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This oversized bracelet features embellished links and clasps shut with the skeletal form of Santa Muerte, also known as Our Lady Of Holy Death. This Mexican idol promises to deliver safe passage into the afterlife, but her guardianship is strictly reserved for her devotees. You better start praying.

Handcrafted Sterling Silver.

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Customer Reviews

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Rusty Bullock

My Apparition bracelet is perfect for me in just about every way. It's ornate and bold without being ostentatious. I had concerns about wearing an expensive bracelet and I would be absolutely heartbroken if it were to fall off without me noticing. My concerns were put to rest the first time I tried to take it off. It's a bit difficult to disengage the clasp but that is a really good thing! The tabs that you have to squeeze are recessed so that they won't be accidentally pushed in, and you have to push them in pretty far to get it to release. I feel confident that there is absolutely no way that this bracelet will ever accidentally leave my wrist. I had to send my first one back because it was too tight. Basically, it fit exactly as measured, so to get it to be worn loose, I had to move up a half size. The exchange process was super painless and they even have an option where they will send the replacement as soon as they get confirmation that your return is in the mail. It only took a few days to get my replacement. Super happy with my purchase.

Henry Dante
My favorite piece of jewelry

I’ve been struggling to find a good looking Cuban link bracelet that doesn’t either look tacky as hell covered in random gems/diamonds, and is decently priced. This one is perfect. The details are bold up close and ornate from a distance. It’s got great weight and I can
already tell it’s an heirloom quality piece

Alfred Liu
Good pickup

Solid piece, nice details. The clasp and fit is well built. Looking forward to getting more pieces.

Just as i wanted

My first bracelet and i love it. I barely take it off. The weight and details are amazing and the clasp is just perfect. Thanks C&C !!

Paul Barbaud

Really beautiful bracelet and the best customer service I’ve ever seen
Thank you !!!