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Alchemy is an ancient practice that dates back to the world’s oldest civilizations. Long before modern chemistry, alchemists believed it was possible to turn simple base metals like lead into “noble metals,” such as gold or silver. In primeval scrolls, it was written that this process was the key to creating an elixir of immortality. Inspired by these mysterious practices, this ring features a volatile Pietersite stone that makes you wonder if they cracked the code, after all.

Handcrafted Sterling Silver with Blue Pietersite Stone

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Customer Reviews

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Darion Stoffel
An Amazing Ring

The images really don't do it justice. Alchemist is a very beautiful piece and I love how the Pietersite stone for each ring is different which adds a uniqueness to ever ring. Hands down my favorite ring from C+C so far 10/10

Emily Baucom
Father's day gift

Bought this for my dad and he really liked it except for the fact that it came with blue and grey pitersite instead of blue and gold as pictured.

Randell Geuy
Alchemist is Awesome

Really comfortable and highest quality ring, you need to see the stone in the sunlight to really appreciate the brilliant blue fire that comes out - Pietersite is a trade name for a dark blue-grey breccia aggregate made up mainly of hawk's eye and tigereye; which goes perfectly with a bunch of other Clocks & Colours accessories. If you dig cool stuff you'll not be disappointed - it has some warlock mystique to it so that's pretty cool too. I'm definitely getting another Pietersite ring to compliment the other hand as well.

Anthony Rankin

The ring fits so well I rarely know its there. The stone looks very nice in the light and detail is amazing. If it was alittle smaller a few women i know would have tried to steal it from me already. Thanks CC

Bernardo Nascimento
Cant go wrong it C&C

Not my first but definitely
not my last , the quality will last a life time and their beautiful pieces of jewelry , its a 5 out of 5 for me ~